project LOVE

Project LOVE

Project Love
$5 group class FREE with the code LOVE !

Single Online Class

Pay-as-you-go! $5/class connects you to the self-care tools you need and a community hardwired to encourage.

5 Pack of Online Classes

5 classes for $25. These classes expire in 30 Days. Add the code ‘LOVE’ at checkout to trim the cost by $5.

17-Pack of Online Classes

17 online classes for $85. These classes expire in 60 days, so use them! Consistent practice over a long period of time is how transformations occur!

New Offering in 2021!

New! Semi-private “Breakout Sessions” capped at 6 people. These 75-minute workshops encourage dialogue and deeper study. Sign-up in a designated slot or create your own pod and request a time! At $25/session, it’s an affordable way to get personalized attention!

Share the LOVE

Giving the gift of LOVE to a friend, family member, relative or work colleague who really could use a few classes right now feels great. Our customizable gift cards let you pay for other people’s yoga classes. Share the LOVE and put a smile in your heart, too!