What Makes a Movement an Asana?

Are ‘asana‘ movements we do with our body? Or, are they ways of being in our body? Take sirsasana: is it ‘a headstand’? Or, is it a way of being in a headstand: ‘a headstand as an asana.‘ I believe asana are ways of being in the body and I view sirsasana as a way […]

What Happens in the Pelvis, Doesn’t Stay in the Pelvis

Recently I had the opportunity to lead a workshop on pelvic floor biomechanics with my good friend and physical therapist, Greg Hullstrung. In my 17 years of teaching, I’ve had the good fortune to collaborate with physical therapists who specialize in pelvic floor dysfunction and study with some of the top movement educators in the […]

Stop Engaging Muscles (Without Dating Them First)

When well-meaning instructors prod you to “Engage Your Abs (Your Core, Your Pelvic Floor, Your Quads, Your Calves…) does it seem like you’re being thrown into an arranged marriage with muscles or body parts you don’t know well? Is consciously grabbing hold of those muscles til death do you part the pathway to bliss or […]