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The Future of Encourage

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In the Fall of 2013, Encourage opened its sliding red barn door at 1 Baltic Place in Croton-on-Hudson. Our mission was to develop a community of people who felt encouraged to move, breathe and rest intentionally. My hope was that this would provide a path for people to experience the depth and breadth of life. Lots happened in between. Then, June [...]


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"Mom got me this t-shirt when she went to Hamsterdam." Hamsterdam...? Lilly held up a Little Mermaid shirt that Paula picked up on a business trip to Copenhagen. Hers was the sort of slip-of-the-tongue that used to pay the mortgage on Art Linkletter's Bel Air Mansion. Kids say the darnedest things, indeed... While it's cute when kids mix things [...]

Powering Through (On Fumes)

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The second chapter of the Yoga Sutra-s directs its teachings towards busy-busy people with distracted minds. The chapter may seem to begin with a splash of cold water: "Wake up! There's work to be done (tapas), and it's work you need to be doing (svahdyaya), and the crux of it is, 'Not everything's about you (isvara-pranidhana)!'" But the splash [...]

Worm Week

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Earthworms by Lynn Ungar Imagine. The only thing that God requires of them is a persistent, wriggling, moving forward, passing the earth through the crinkled tube of their bodies in a motion less like chewing than like song. Everything they encounter goes through them, as if sunsets, drug store clerks, diesel fumes and sidewalks were [...]

Carry Me

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  The Patience of Ordinary Things It is a kind of love, is it not? How the cup holds the tea, How the chair stands sturdy and foursquare, How the floor receives the bottom of shoes Or toes. How soles of feet know Where they're supposed to be. I've been thinking about the patience Of [...]