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Welcome to your first yoga class!

‘Yoga’ describes both a state of transformational clarity and also the collective principles, strategies and techniques that help you experience it.

The state of yoga is something everyone can experience; it’s why we have such a wide variety of classes for practitioners both young and old.

But not every yoga strategy and technique is relevant for each person; that’s why we handcraft what we teach, tailoring it to the individual.

We draw on three main strategies at Encourage: movement, breath and rest. How we utilize these components varies class to class so check out “Class Types” to see what combo might interest you.

Knowing you’ll be moving, we’ve stocked the studio – at no charge – with

1) high-end, cushy, but grippy, eco-friendly mats;

2) blankets that can provide extra cushioning as needed or a layer of warmth if you cool off;

3) blocks, straps, rice-filled bags, eye pillows and oversized hard pillows (called bolsters) that we use to make moving, breathing and/or resting either easier or harder – depending on our aim; and

4) chairs and meditation cushions are also readily available for the times when we are seated.

You are welcome to bring your own mat (and other equipment) or to purchase materials from us when you arrive.

Clothing-wise, wear what makes you feel good and what makes it easy to move. If you’re interested in a challenging, athletic class, be prepared to sweat, but also know that your body will cool off as it relaxes at the end of class; having an extra layer is smart. (We have limited supply of organic tops/sweatshirts for sale in our boutique.)

Our bathrooms are large enough to function as individual changing rooms, if you need. There are clothing trees in each bathroom.

Classes are taken while barefoot, so you don’t need special shoes. However, it’s nice to have a pair of socks in the winter time to layer with at the end of class. If you typically wear orthotics, let your instructor know in case we want to factor in adaptations of any movements or postures we do while standing. We have a place for shoe storage outside of the yoga room.

We have complimentary filtered hot and cold water and offer healthy drinks/snacks if you need some refreshment.

What our clients think of us!

The instructors are thorough, gentle and helpful. The atmosphere is very conducive to learning and relaxation.
by P.C.
Appropriate for level and age….instructors attentive to needs of client and do not push beyond their limits. Very nurturing environment.
by D.S.
Upon entering Encourage Yoga, the immediate vibe is one that is welcoming, warm, professional, serene and friendly! The instructors are amazing, all bringing something unique to their classes. The multi-level classes that are offered at Encourage, connect the mind, body and spirit in amazing and creative ways. There are classes for everyone, at every level, and we are always encouraged and challenged to work well within our own “edge” – we never feel that we are being pushed unrealistically and carelessly “over the edge”. Encourage is a very special yoga space/place!
by M.V.

30 days for $45!