Handcrafted Yoga

What makes Encourage unique is our approach to each class. We handcraft the material to meet the needs and interests of the specific practitioners who show up.

We do this in every class – in the flow classes, our meditation practice and especially in our PostureTweak classes which invite folks with aches and pains to come and get some relief.

You won’t hear our teachers insisting that there’s a generic way that the yoga postures should be practiced. Instead, you’ll be encouraged to find what it means for your body to feel both at ease and grounded in a variety of movements and positions.

Certainly, the more you practice at Encourage, you’ll notice you body begin to change. You’ll gain mobility and stability. But you might also find your breathing changes, too. And perhaps some of those things that used to bug you will lose some of their pull on you.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Our Environment

Encourage is Westchester’s first (and only) yoga studio to complete the Westchester Green Business Challenge. The studio was designed to be eco-friendly from the ground up. We chose GreenGuard certified materials and zeroVOC paints knowing that people would be breathing in longer, deeper breaths in our space. Our yoga mats are even biodegradable and earth-friendly without sacrificing any cushiness or grip. And now, thanks to some encouragement from Dani Glaser, Encourage is on its way to becoming a Westchester Green Business-Certified (WGB-Certified) business.

We hope you’ll love all of the reclaimed and repurposed materials that you’ll find throughout the space. And we invite you to be tempted by the organic, local and/or handcrafted items in our boutique!