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​​Use the code TALLGUYS for 70% off your first two months of OnDemand and LiveStream yoga classes and target areas that tall guys like us need to manage.

For $10/month, life-proof your upper back/neck, your low back and hips, your PelvicCore, and, of course, your knees and ankles, too!

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I'm 6'4" with legs twice as long as my torso. Put my unique perspective and my 3 decades of study and teaching to work for you!


Most of the LiveStream and OnDemand classes emerge from requests sent in by email, text or in our pre-class chats.

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No matter what kind of aches or pains you might have, there's a class for it!

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When you get that bug to learn more and go deeper, we'll meet you there!


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Pay just $10/month for the first 2 months with the code: TALLGUYS

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​​Annual (Less than $25/month )


Get unlimited access all year long to all OnDemand and LiveStream content!

It's Never Too Late!

There's no such thing as too old, too tight, too far gone, or too tall to start practicing yoga. Now is the perfect time, and this is the perfect place to begin (or to begin again ) your practice of Yoga!

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