We done with this poetry stuff, man? World’s going to hell in a hand basket and it’s hard enough keeping track of where I’m supposed to put my right hand or my left leg and whether or not I have a breast bone and if should I be inhaling or exhaling when I watch Dr. Fauci.

* * *

It is difficult
to get the news from poems
yet men die miserably every
for lack
of what is found there.

– William Carlos Williams, excerpted from “Asphodel, That Greeny Flower.”

* * *

Right. Another poem.

(Actually, it’s an except. The whole thing’s 40 pages.)

Yeah, well, how about a vaccine instead? Or maybe just some halfway decent, somewhat reliable antibody test, huh?

(How about a poem from an immunologist?)

Okay, close enough.

* * *


the door

Go and open the door.

Maybe outside there’s
a tree, or a wood,
a garden,
or a magic city.

Go and open the door.
Maybe a dog’s rummaging.
Maybe you’ll see a face,
or an eye,
or the picture
of a picture.

Go and open the door.
If there’s a fog
it will clear.

Go and open the door.
Even if there’s only
the darkness ticking,
even if there’s only
the hollow wind,
even if
is there,
go and open the door.

At least
there’ll be
a draught.

– Miroslav Holub, from Poems Before & After, (translated from Czech by Ian and Jarmila Milner, et al.)

* * *

May you find peace

amid the prose

and poetry,





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