“To Love” by Gregory Orr, from River Inside the River
Grieving came from leaving Eden
But leaving Eden was not grief-
It was a lesson in lessening-
How things, diminishing,
Become more precious.Water seeps from two hands
Cupped to hold it-
Skin tight against skin
As lips seek it:
That liquid
That is life
And slips


Turn Towards
“Water seeps from two hands
Cupped to hold it-“

What else do you find seeping from your cupped hands these days?Security? Stability? Health? Patience? Compassion?

Let’s assume no one needs a hand cupping workshop. Suppose we agree we won’t google in search of “skin tightener” or “hand expander” devices. Probably, we’re doing the absolute best we can given the circumstances.


“And slips

I’m so sorry. I know how that feels.

There are many indirect ways to practice.  Do balancing postures – they will show you how to navigate when things are wobbly. Try inversions – it will help you get used to things being topsy turvy.  Hold chair pose for twenty minutes – you will become aware of the strength that lies within you (or lose the ability to sit on the toilet for days).

But sometimes, those indirect strategies come with an asterisk, a little whispering voice that suggests, “Psst. If you do this, it will make (whatever’s bugging you) go away.”

It’s hard to resist the temptation to bargain.

Eventually though, we will all come up against something that can’t be practiced, sweet talked, negotiated, or friend-of-a-friend-ed away.

“That is life
And slips

Turn towards and soften, suggests Patanjali. Meet the lessening with lessening.  Meet the diminishment with diminishing efforts to hold onto what we want or to push away what we don’t want.

Seeing things as they are, not as we want them to be.

Is this an advanced practice or a beginner’s practice?

…And Soften

Maybe it’s simply what I need to practice.


Together with you in practice,


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