When Mistakes Become Poetry

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In some of the PostureTweak classes recently, Al has been sharing ‘Emergency Poetry” – poetry that you would keep locked up behind glass unless and until you needed it.  This week’s selection was “Some Days” by Philip Terman (thanks to Alice Peck, author of Be More Tree, for suggesting it:

Some days you have to turn off the news
and listen to the bird or truck
or the neighbor screaming out her life.
You have to close all the books and open
all the windows so that whatever swirls
inside can leave and whatever flutters
against the glass can enter. Some days
you have to unplug the phone and step
out to the porch and rock all afternoon
and allow the sun to tell you what to do.
The whole day has to lie ahead of you
like railroad tracks that drift off into gravel.
Some days you have to walk down the wooden
staircase through the evening fog to the river,
where the peach roses are closing,
sit on the grassy bank and wait for the two geese.

And this morning, over on the great blog, Improvised Life, comes the injunction to leave room in our daily lives for accident-inspired poetry.  Follow the link to hear how the 3-Star Michelin chef Massimo Bottura found art in a broken tart.

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